I said more than a thousand times before…

“I never want to fall in love again.”

I never knew… 

I was going to meet you.

I never thought someone like you 

would come into my life.

I never knew…

I wouldn’t be able to resist you.

I never thought you could make me

smile the way you do.

I never knew…

I’d be happy with you.

I never thought this happiness 

would come to an end.

I never knew… 

all of this would just be lies.

I never thought you’d deceive 

and hurt this fragile heart of mine.

I never knew…

How blind I was not to see?

What a fool I have been…

falling in love again…. 

Published by Joe Valentine

Hi! My pen name is Joe Valentine or JV for short. I started writing when I was in high school over 20 years ago. I haven't had the opportunity to pursue my love of writing for quite some time and I thought I'd try to start it up again. A few things I enjoy is poetry, mostly Shakespeare and most of his Tragic plays. I often feel the words speak to me every time I read them. I also enjoy reading other great poets with the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou to name a few. I hope to share my work and experiences through my blog and eventually try to be published--one can dream! So keep on dreaming until it becomes a reality!

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