What You Are to Me

My love, I’m surprised you even asked that question, “What am I to you?” You should already know the answer to that question. How I feel about you haven’t changed even though we haven’t had those things we used to have like before. Perhaps I need to remind you, so here it is. 

I just wanted to put into words what I’ve been feeling and thinking of the past few days. It hasn’t been easy not being able to talk to you the way we did or text and chat like before. It hasn’t been easy trying to find ways to get your attention and for you to notice that I’m right here or still around. It hasn’t been easy trying to figure out if you still have the same feelings, those loving feelings you once confessed. 

I also lose sleep at times not because of any guilt but because I keep wondering how you feel about me; Or if I ever cross your mind and how often you think about me; Or if you just wonder about me just as I am about you. Regardless of everything that’s happening and what recently transpired in what you decided to happen between us, I decided that I’m going to continue with how I feel about you. 

My feelings continue to grow stronger each time and every waking moment. I don’t care much for right or wrong anymore, I don’t care for guilt or pleasures. But what I do care about is my heart and what I’m feeling. My heart’s strongly in love with you and it’s you that I want. I’ll continue to want you. I want you emotionally, I want you physically, I want you intimately. And I won’t have it any other way. 

I realized I want you even more when I felt a sense of loss, like I lost you in some way. I missed everything about you. I missed the things we had even in the short amount of time we had it. Our texts, chats, messages, our coffee dates, our time together. I miss holding you, being able to stare in your eyes closely, your hands on my face, I miss your touch, your hugs, and your kisses. I miss even the simple walks. I miss hearing your laughs and seeing those sweet smiles. I miss the taste of you and how you feel. I miss your body next to mine. I miss you all so dearly. 

I love you and I’ll continue to do so. I’ll continue to have everything I feel for you. I’ll continue to pursue you and I don’t care for anything else. Just you and me. I’ll be your best friend, the closest thing you ever want. I’ll be that husband, your boyfriend, your lover. I’ll be everything you want and need me to be. I won’t be anything less because I want more and because I am worth a whole lot more. 

Love me for everything that I am or don’t love me at all. Because I love you, all of you for who I know you are. A sweet, wonderful, and beautiful person. I want us. I want you and me. Nothing else matters more. Because I will not stop loving you. I won’t stop, I just can’t. To simply answer your question as to what you are to me, you are my heart. In another life, I will search for you through a thousand world and ten thousand lifetimes until I find you. I will search for you through all of eternity until you and I are one in heart, mind, and soul. 

Published by Joe Valentine

Hi! My pen name is Joe Valentine or JV for short. I started writing when I was in high school over 20 years ago. I haven't had the opportunity to pursue my love of writing for quite some time and I thought I'd try to start it up again. A few things I enjoy is poetry, mostly Shakespeare and most of his Tragic plays. I often feel the words speak to me every time I read them. I also enjoy reading other great poets with the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou to name a few. I hope to share my work and experiences through my blog and eventually try to be published--one can dream! So keep on dreaming until it becomes a reality!

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